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Hi Soul Sister,

I am Jennifer Fogarty, the advocate of intuition and soul.

I believe intuition is the whisper of the soul and soul is the voice of reason. It knows what is meant for you with a plan already mapped, so you fulfill your purpose. Listen to your soul and follow your heart. It’s the secret to becoming a conscious creator of happiness!

My gift is my powerful intuition. It is able to reach dimensions beyond that of my advanced level of knowledge and talent. I share my gift with women by teaching them how to channel and strengthen their intuition. I also use my enhanced visionary skills and spiritual connection to give answers and guidance.

As a highly trained Master NLP Coach and NLP Trainer, I help women to release their emotional blocks and limiting beliefs to re-claim their feminine energy and become the truest and highest expression of their authentic self.

By helping women to heal their past and inner wounds, they are able to shed their ego and focus to live as one with soul. My intuitive insights help women to trust in the light and follow their instincts to manifest what they fervently desire.

As the Soul Strategist, I empower women with a strategy designed to achieve results personally and professionally, accelerating performance in business and prosperity in life and love.

I believe in the power of the mind-body connection and through education and emotional intelligence we can create an internal and external space where health and happiness thrive!

It is through the principles that I teach, that my own healing and transformation took place. Now I get to share these and give back as my contribution to women and the world.


My Soul Mission

To empower 20 million women with education and emotional mastery so they step into their divine feminine energy, connect with their intuition and live in alignment with their soul.

My Story

I am a Warrior Woman from Woy Woy. I wear my heart on my sleeve and have fire in my soul. I have a gift with a vision and together, I am unstoppable in my pursuit to inspire women to live their truth in alignment with their soul.

From a young age, I always knew I was different; a bird of a different colour with wings to fly free. A unique soul, destined to live a dream to touch the lives of others and change the world for the better.

Known as the girl with the inquiring mind, I always asked the question to know “why”? I was never afraid to speak my truth. Always thinking outside the square and living outside the box. A wild heart with a free spirit; brave and bold.

Born an old soul to older parents and older siblings. I was raised by 5 adults and developed early, well beyond my years. I became self-aware, in touch with my emotions and thoughts, which enhanced my level of wisdom and knowledge.

I lived a lot of my childhood in my own company, which was the space for me to connect with my soul at an early age. As a result, I developed a love for solo interests. I found my happiness in self-expression through dance, acting, poetry, writing and speaking. All of these forms allowed my authentic spirit to shine.

I always followed my heart and jumped into things based on what felt right. It got me in trouble at times but nothing I would ever regret. I have lost, I have loved, I have learned. I have lived a life of colour, depth and shade. I’ve had my dark days and my bright ones too. I am real, raw and true.

My intuition has always been strong and that inner voice was always heard but not always followed. Instead, I developed a hard, wounded shell and exerted masculine energy in a fight on being female. I sought male environments to reinforce my ego and fear. I was independent but reckless, living my rebellion and running from myself, only to feel lost and confused.

The detrimental journey to seek validation and belonging resulted in drinking and drug habits, toxic relationships, debt, health complications and also an auto-immune disorder disorder of the vagina.

After years of this vicious circle, I decided to sort out my self-worth, anger and anxiety once and for all. I wasn’t listening to my inner voice and living my calling. Deep down, I knew who I was and who I was destined to be.

So I sought out education, courses and coaches to heal, transform and evolve.

BOOM! I had a soul awakening! I became conscious! I healed the inner child, sorted out my internal junk and re-claimed my divine female energy and fell madly in love with my life and myself!

I have been living a journey of personal development and growth since that day, hungry to continually learn. I am not perfect and I don’t have all the answers but I continue to work on myself each and every day and help others to do the same.

I was put on this earth to serve and teach women to love themselves and follow their hearts. I honour this calling through coaching and healing. It brings great joy to help soul sisters be truly happy and free.

This vocation is delivered through digital courses, 1:1 coaching, group coaching, certification courses, retreats and speaking gigs with women around the world.

I am connected with my intuition and aligned with my soul. Living my truth with happiness and gratitude. Let’s get you living yours too!

Trust your vibe! Energy doesn’t lie.

Connect and rise with me.

I am honoured to be part of your calling.
I look forward to our journey of soul alignment.
Heart and Soul.


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