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My mission is to
women with their
feminine energy to
recreate the modern
Embrace Feminine
Energy in Leadership
and Business.

For so long, women have been bathed in the masculine energy to be independent and succeed.

Our success models and power structures are based on masculine traits. Qualities like drive, perfectionism, competitiveness and confidence are all associated with the masculine.

These are not bad traits but far too often, we as women have let our masculine energy go into over-drive and we have let our divine feminine essence wither away.

If we want to be powerful, if we want to succeed or make an impact, then we drive, strive and push. We want to be seen, valued and worthy to fit in and be accepted and we become that masculine version of success.

What if we could re-create the archetype of a driven-independent woman to thrive in her natural feminine way? What if women embodied their feminine traits to claim the same independence, power and success?

Times are changing. Womanhood is returning to the true core of her essence.
This is rising in the world now- the rising of feminine energy.

The feminine energy is being soft and expressive, where power lies in vulnerability.

urturing, empathetic, intuitive and authentic side of a female. The side where inner-knowing and trust allows a woman to go within and open up to the wisdom of who she really is.

The time is now to honour this sacred feminine within you.

Ignite your soul, connect with your intuition and allow your feminine aspects to be seen and valued.

Re-claim your feminine power to become a leader of authenticity and truth.

This is the key to lead and connect in a more unified and balanced way.

So how do you come to yourself, to your divine feminine truth?

Belong to a sacred woman’s circle where we encourage and support each other.

We have lost the art of gathering as women once did, to connect, to nurture each other, and to actually give space, time, energy and permission for the feminine to rise within us individually and collectively.

We need to honour it. We need to make it important. We need to raise its value as high as the masculine has been raised within us.

Raising the value of this energy is achieved through raising consciousness.

My group coaching brings women together to gain knowledge and self-awareness in a space where they can share their experiences and perspectives with each other.

In my ongoing commitment to support women, I help them to powerfully connect with their feminine energy and intuition to become intuitive leaders.

This is the Soul Strategy for results in life, leadership and business.

Her Intuition
was her favorite

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is customised on request, tailor-suited to a theme that is relevant to women and meet the needs of the group. Choose from many areas of expertise and subject topics.

Past group coaching sessions have focused on women’s leadership, ego and culture, feminine & masculine energy, conscious communication, sales success, emotional mastery, mindset mastery, peak performance and business growth- to name a few.

The coaching sessions are designed to include different learning styles and personality types. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, confident or hesitant, you will feel comfortable and valued in the Group Coaching.

Learn more about Group Coaching


This group coaching is specifically designed for women who want to continuously cultivate their personal and professional development.

The Women’s Leadership Masterclass offers an inspiring and learning platform. This is essential to equip aspiring leaders with the distinct tools for intuitive and excelled leadership.

It aims to provide existing and emerging female leaders or entrepreneurs with the strategies and skills to accelerate their performance.

Learn more about the Women’s Leadership Masterclass


Your Intuition Is Your Super Power.

In this powerful one-day masterclass, women will learn the NLP principles, soul strategies and manifestation methods to clear all blocks and limiting behaviours in the way of their authenticity and truth.

This reveals The Intuition Code, which unleashes the power of the female soul to attract abundance in wealth, health and happiness!

It is the collective forum to deliver consciousness and emotional intelligence.

This is for those who want to discover their purpose and passion with the courage to follow their heart and create a life they love!

Learn more about The Intuition Code

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