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I help women
embody their
feminine energy
and bring forth
intuitive light.
I am the voice of soul through coaching, writing, speaking, workshops and retreats.
My Retreats and Workshops give women the sacred space to nurture their mind, body and heart.

The Why

As a former radio journalist, the toxic life of doom and gloom became too much and I transitioned into the health and fitness industry. However, I chose to do this in the mining sector for 6 years. After long hours and big rosters, I reached a low point in my life. Suffering acute anxiety and an autoimmune disorder, both were mechanisms calling me to make a dramatic life change.

So I did! I began my journey of soul discovery and personal development to re-claim my health. This led me to books, courses, certifications and health retreat holidays around the world. I became a RETREAT JUNKIE!

These retreats were the inspiration for me to create my own as a way to help other women re-claim their health.

A retreat is the perfect opportunity to unplug and break free from stress, sickness and hardship to boost the immune system and recharge energy levels.

I combine my first hand retreat experience and professional skill set to deliver a fully integrated approach to health, happiness and healing.

Soulshine Retreat

Revive your soul and find your peace in a life-changing 5- Day Retreat
Step away from your every day life to relax, renew and reconnect at a deep spiritual level!


  • Create a deep transformation in your soul
  • Connect with your heart
  • Bring peace to your mind

What is on offer

  • Daily Yoga Practice
  • Morning Ritual
  • Night Time Cleanse Procedure
  • Workshops on different topics
  • Masculine and Feminine Energy Masterclass
  • Tools of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy®
  • Techniques to powerfully connect with your intuition
  • A greater awareness of values, beliefs and goals
  • Soul Alignment and Life Purpose
  • Visualisation- Theory and Practice
  • Knowledge of the Unconscious and Conscious Mind
  • Sound Healing- Vibrations and Frequencies
  • Physical Embodiment Exercises
  • Healthy Detox Eating Regime
  • Journal and Written Material


  • Feel alive in your body
  • Become the healthiest and happiest version of you
  • Greater Self-Worth and Self-Love


  • Meditation- Theory and Practice
  • Principles of Self-Love and Self-Worth
  • Emotional Mastery Skills
  • Dance Healing- Dance and Movement
  • Breathing Exercises for Health
  • Activity Inclusions (These differ based on location)

Retreat Locations

  • Byron Bay, NSW
  • Margaret River Region, WA
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Tulum, Mexico


Get a group of girlfriends together to immerse in wellness!
Need a business trip or incentive trip for your awesome team?
Gather your family for a different kind of “family holiday”!
Got a like-minded tribe who like to soul vibe?


Soulshine Retreats can be customized for private group bookings.

We can cater a retreat to your liking including a location of your choice. (Provided your nominated location is achievable)

There is the option to follow our schedule and inclusions or we can personally design an exclusive format to meet your desires and needs.

We will work with you to create your vision of a healthy and happy holiday.


Connecting couples through the eyes of the soul

Re-ignite the magic in your relationship and have an extraordinary love!
Come back together as two souls in love- connected at the heart.
Create your healthy conscious relationship!
Learn to speak the same love language.

This 5 day retreat will give you time with your partner to focus all your attention and energy on your relationship.

Strengthen your relationship with awareness and connection.

This is the perfect opportunity to work on growth development together as a team.

Be guided with result-based processes, where you identify and align your values, beliefs and goals to be in sync and on path, in the same direction.

Gain insight into the masculine and feminine energy and polarity to achieve balance and understanding with eachother.

It is the perfect opportunity to re-set, slow down and be present with one another, aligning your souls.

What you and your partner will enjoy

  • Learn how to re-connect and re-kindle your romance.
  • Release judgement and fears.
  • Turn conflict into connection.
  • Resolve arguments quickly to move on and enjoy time with each other.
  • Stop overreacting and understand your partner has a different map of the world.
  • Learn to get out of the mind where we project, blame, analyse, criticize and judge.
  • Learn to feel your emotions by being in your body and then learn to feel your partner and connect at the heart, not the head.
  • Turn the destructive thought patterns into a healthy mindset.

What you and your partner will enjoy

  • Gain unconditional understanding.
  • Overcome your ego and inner child.
  • Remove resentment completely.
  • Listen to understand, without taking things personally.
  • Bring awareness to bad behaviours and unresourceful states.
  • Learn to feel your emotions by being in your body and then learn to feel your partner and connect at the heart, not the head.
  • Gain insight into the importance of living in the now and the damage of living in the past or the future in a relationship.
  • Re-ignite the passion and intimacy.
  • Elevate your relationship to a higher level of consciousness.
  • Achieve complete trust and surrender.


I inspire women
through my
stories and
teachings to feel
good on the inside.

My workshops give rise to divinely feminine and worthy women!

When we feel confident and beautiful on the inside, our external world changes.

We become comfortable in our bodies, attuned to our feelings and know exactly who we are and what we want!

When you own your own worth you start attracting….

The right results!
The right relationships!
And for the right reasons!

When you have true self-love and self-worth, you invite more abundance in your life.

Fall in love with yourself and create your ideal life!

My workshops will teach you how.


The workshops combine coaching tools, training techniques and intuitive practices with stories and silver linings.


The practical step-by-step guide to turn ideas into action and dreams into reality.


Learn how to live your truth, surrender control to your soul and trust your intuition.


Rock beyond your blocks and breakthrough your limitations to unwavering self-belief!


Fall in love with your divine femininity and inner magnetism to heal the girl and unleash the Queen

  • Make peace with your past to truly live now.
  • Learn how to stop controlling outcomes and surrender to trust.
  • Release your limiting beliefs and propel forward into self-belief.
  • Find the courage to take action and follow your heart.
  • Project and manifest what you truly desire in life, love and business.
  • Heighten your intuition and deepen your soul connection.

By letting go of unhealthy patterns and imprinted beliefs that often stem from childhood,
every woman has the ability to feel feminine, free and on fire!

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